We provide opportunities for all types of people to unite in a shared commitment to peace in spite of our differences.

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In peace there is power.


Have you ever thought of yourself as a peacemaker?  The world needs more people like you who are willing to work to make peace the prevailing choice.  The time is now to become a Races for Peace volunteer.


Want to know more about ways to promote peace in your community? We provide resources to help educate and engage others on topics of personal responsibility, the equal value of human life, and what it means to choose peace. 

Learn how we got our start.

Our choice for peace comes with a pledge to help victims of hate and violence.  It is always the right time to support each other and to send the message that peace is more powerful than hate.

Embrace the opportunity to show you are making a conscious choice for peace in your community. Register to walk, run, volunteer, or cheer at a Races for Peace event near you.

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